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Money Savings for LED Lights

In the Global market, the price of led lamps are also higher than the traditional incandescent and halogen lamp. Actually, On a long view, LED lights are not inexpensive and in many circumstances they will pay for themselves in the first year and go on making significant savings in subsequent years.  We will prove this view from two points:

Saving in electricity costs

  • A typical cost for electricity is to run 1 kilowatt for 1 hour ($0.20 / kWh).

  • Assumption the light being on for 15 hours a day.


E27 LED Bulb Traditional light LED Light
Wattage 40W 5W
Electricity=15x365x(wattage/1000)x$0.2 $43.8 $5.475


                                                             Saving in one years $38.325

Savings in replacement costs

  • Traditional light bulbs may not be as expensive as LED bulbs, but you will probably never replace the LED bulb at least ten years, whereas traditional bulbs will need replacing every year.