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Bridgelux Announces 10 Year Warranty for Vero Series LED COB


Bridgelux is proud to announce that its new Vero™ Series LED array light source will be backed with the world’s first 10-year warranty for Chip-on-Board (COB) products. Built to reflect the impressive lifespan of LED lighting, the announcement provides customers and end-users with a new level of confidence backed by the performance of Bridgelux® Vero Series LED arrays.

With more than 10 years of solid-state lighting innovation, Bridgelux is a leader in establishing industry standards, developing high quality light solutions and delivering many industry firsts. In 2010, Bridgelux was the first company to introduce the 5-year warranty for COB products. The company makes history again by introducing higher levels of quality and assurance with the new 10-year warranty.

This new 10-year warranty applies to Vero Series LED arrays shipped on or after April 16, 2014.

“The level of R&D, technology, product development focus and investment Bridgelux has made over the years is paying off. It is rewarding to be in a market leadership position to continuously add value to our products, solve customer specific problems and see an immediate return on investment,” said David Connors, VP Product Marketing.

The announcement is made during this week’s Light + Building exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany where Bridgelux has introduced the OLM™ Series integrated subsystem for outdoor applications and several new CCT and CRI combinations available for its Vero Series LED product line. The Vero Series LED array portfolio gives manufacturers the flexibility to develop and manufacture high quality light solutions tailored for specific applications, delivering the light output and color temperatures required for retail, hospitality, commercial, industrial, residential and outdoor lighting applications. Vero Series LED arrays, for instance, can be employed to create fixtures that deliver ultra-white light for surgical theaters and healthcare facilities, or cool white, ultra-high CRI light combinations for television studios. Vero Series products can also be used to carefully tune color temperatures for bakery, grocery, deli or textile displays.

Additionally, Bridgelux is showcasing new Zhaga options for the Vero Series LED arrays this week at the conference, further enhancing its compatibility and flexibility with Zhaga-based luminaries around the globe.